A Better Way

VeraTrack is designed to alleviate one of the most labor-intensive parts of the background investigation.

Calling each employer listed on a job application is time consuming, frustrating, and antiquated. Making a phone call and waiting for a return call—which you may never receive—can be a significant bottleneck in the hiring process.

Even as businesses try to streamline processes and integrate vendor services, some keep certain functions in-house for fear that outsourcing will not yield effective results. VeraTrack eliminates this fear; it was designed to automate the same information you gather manually—asking the very same questions on your behalf.

The VeraTrack Difference

VeraTrack is an efficient, cost-effective system for verifying employment history. Once the system receives your request, which you can send through our proprietary XML Edge Gateway, your work is done. We relieve your staff of this task and increase productivity.

We are different than a traditional, telephone-based verification. Those vendors supply quick but superficial searches, and they tend to be expensive and time-consuming.

Some larger companies are choosing a “database search” method, which relies on data uploads. In this model, companies seeking to verify employment history must pay a fee for each employer they want to query. This can be prohibitively expensive, depending on how many companies your applicant worked for and whether or not those employers participate in this type of service. Chances are that if you use this service for verifications, you also upload your own employee data so others can query it; the bad news is, this will typically incur a storage fee. Not only are you paying for the searches, but you are probably paying for the storage as well.

The VeraTrack fee structure is comparatively simple. You only pay a flat fee per applicant, no matter how many searches that entails. That’s it. This makes the service affordable for companies of any size.


For those companies with the desire—and the IT capabilities—to integrate data transfer processes, we developed EDGE. EDGE is an XML interface that leverages HTTP to provide a seamless exchange of data through a secure gateway along with a tracking mechanism to enable full transparency. The benefit? You get a hands-off approach to employment verifications.

Want to learn more about how EDGE can benefit your applicant workflow? Click here to complete the Contact Us form and a VeraTrack team member will contact you promptly.