FCRA for the Consumer (Applicant)

  • To Dispute Your Background Report
  • If you do not recognize information in your background report, or believe an item might be inaccurate, you may request an investigation of the disputed item. Only inaccurate information may be removed; negative information that is accurate will stay on your report as long as governing laws allow.

  • To request a reinvestigation, simply complete the form below and return via mail, email, or fax. If you have any questions regarding the dispute form or process, contact the VeraTrack Compliance Department at the toll-free number 888-858-4974 or via Email.
  • Reinvestigate Request Form

  • To Receive a Copy of Your Background Report
  • To request a copy of your consumer report, kindly complete the form below and mail, fax or email it to us to process your request.
  • Request for Copy of Report form