Employment Verifications Made Simple


$9 per verification

10 Free Verifications
100 Verifications per Month*

Gold Membership

$7 per verification

10 Free Verifications
500 Verifications per Month*
30 Day Risk Free Trial


$5 per verification

10 Free Verifications
1000 Verifications per Month*

*minimum number of verifications required per month

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What can VeraTrack offer your company?

No more endless phone calls and faxes. VeraTrack is the revolutionary new way for Human Resource experts to verify previous employment history for potential new hires. Two minutes is all it takes to fill in an applicant’s information and then VeraTrack takes care of the rest.

  • Create employment verifications quickly and easily!
  • Automatic email or fax notifications sent to previous employers!
  • View and print the results right from your browser!

Our pricing is highly competitive and is based on the amount of verifications our customers plan to order on a monthly basis. We at VeraTrack believe that our product is better than the competition and feel that the pricing will be much lower than the competition.

At VeraTrack, we make the process of verifying previous employment simple and seamless. Our research with companies who either outsource their employment verifications or complete verifications through their own Human Resources department has shown that automating the process through our proprietary system allows you to reduce the time and cost it takes to properly verify employment history on prospective job applicants.

Once you create a VeraTrack account, you are ready to begin VeraTrack’s simple, effective process of verifying employment history on a prospective employee. Before you begin any new employment verification, you will always need to obtain the applicant’s authorization. Visit our Resource Center for a sample Applicant Consent Form. Login and begin verifying your applicant’s employment history.